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Adjusting HVAC from Summer to Winter
How to Adjust Airflow
Home HVAC Humidifiers
Maintenance and Adjustment
Garage Door Replacement
Is it worth it?
Central Vacuum System - Nutone
Maintenance and Repair
Ground Fault Breaker Switch
Circuit Breaker

Knowledge Sharing

As homeowners, we often find our way through repairs and renovations alone.  We learn as we go.

This FHs  Knowledge Sharing Webpage will publish articles submitted by you, a homeowner, with the goal of sharing repair and renovation knowledge that pertains to Forest Hills.  You may add to the knowledge or submit alternative or supplementary ideas by using the Guest Book feature below. Keep the conversation going.


Ideas and comments are the opinion of the writer who submitted the article/comment.   The opinion(s) expressed herein is that of the author, and provided for your information. Forest Hills does not endorse the opinion of the author.  We will not include or recommend vendors.

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Traffic and Speeding in Forest Hills
The Forest Hills Board of Directors is seeking your input to address vehicle speed and traffic patterns that have become a concern, especially with the increased number of young children in our neighborhood. After we gather community comments and suggestions, we will connect with Arlington County to see where they can help us. What we've noticed is the excessive speed with which vehicles and delivery trucks drive on South Queen Street, as well as vehicles speeding down Rolfe Street, and sometimes traveling in the wrong directions.

Your input, experience, and suggestions are important as we move forward to make suggestions to the county and improvements in this key safety area. Please enter a message in the box to the right or you can e-mail me ( with your input, thoughts, experiences, suggestions.  Comments will be posted in the Comments Box below.

The Board and community members strive to keep Forest Hills a Safe Community for all.

Thank you.

Gina Oliver, Forest Hills Board Member

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